Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney On Ice - Toy Story 3

So, this weekend (right before I managed to succumb to a stomach bug) the family headed to Cleveland to enjoy Disney On Ice - Toy Story 3. As has been my experience with Disney on Ice productions, the show was great. The kids were thoroughly engrossed in the show. Ever the critic, my son was quick to point out songs that were from Toy Story 2 and scenes from Toy Story. But, that aside, he still enjoyed the show. My daughter liked it but felt that there needed to be more Buzz Lightyear in the show - he wasn't in every scene if you can beleive it.

The show opened with a welcome by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck.

I'm always amazed by the talent of the skaters performing the show. I spent half the time trying to figure out if Ham was one skater or two. Seeing Slinky Dog and Bullet on ice was impressive - you know that there likely was two skaters in those costumes, making it all hte more impressive how choreographed and in sync their moves were.

There were so many fun parts, I'm not sure which one was my favortie.

I enjoyed the scene with the green army figures. For their initial entrance - one guy even "parachuted" in, which was pretty cool. To add to the effect, the screen on the backdrop showed the shadows of other army guys parachuting in. It was also neat to watch them march in formation around the ice (sometimes when I skate, I feel a little like I'm marching, but they did it with a lot more grace and form).

The flashback to Toy Story to the Pizza Planet and the "spaceship" that Buzz climbed into was fun. All of the martians and "The Claw" were even part of the scene. I didn't notice at first, but all of the martian skaters came out on their knees!

Another part that we really enjoyed was when Ken modeled all of his clothes for Barbie. The kids were pretty impressed that he would grab an outfit and come skating out in a matter of moments in the new outfit.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

No compensation was received for this post. As a Feld Family Activator, my family received complimentary admission to the show.


Rachel Holloway said...

Was such a fun show, huh? And I actually think Hammie was electronic--I've heard of them doing that more and more lately with certain characters--I definitely would love to find out though for sure, because that very same thing was on my mind!