Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Well, last week, with me not feeling well over the weekend, I wound up not actually planning a menu. It really is a challenge to me when I don't at least have some thoughts about what we will eat in the week to come. I am happy to report that we ate every night, but some of the nights were a little random. Sure, there were good nights with pasta, chicken gravy over biscuits and pork chops. But then there was the night that we had cereal and sausage - it was supposed to be breakfast for dinner, but the kids weren't interested in eggs or pancakes and I wasn't interested in pushing the issue. And, then, there was the night that we had fish fillets, chicken nuggets and french fries. Not the most balanced meal, but hey, it helped me clean a few things that weren't enough for a meal out of my freezer. And, I did make smoothies to go with it, so the kids got yogurt, fruit and milk to start with.

This week, I am happy to be back to planning. I made a run to the grocery store today, but since I stopped at an unexpected time, I didn't have my full list (I hadn't put it into Our Groceries yet!) or my menu plan with me. I missed only a few things, but then I also failed to get a rain check for the pasta that was on sale, so I guess I will need to head back mid-week. I did stock up on some frozen meals for lunches, they were on sale, I had coupons and I earned bonus Fuelperks!.

Once again, some of the free turkey products have returned to my menu planning. I picked up some more to restock the freezer over break. There is turkey in the Skyline Chili, the tacos, and the turkey meatloaf.

Skyline Chili

Chicken Patty Sandwiches


Turkey Meatloaf


Rattlesnake Pasta


Most days, it is cereal for breakfast for everyone. As for lunch, my son will either buy or pack, based on the menu for that day. I tend to pack. My husband will do a bit of both.

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