Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shopping Deals!

On New Year's Day, I took advantage of our lack of plans and ran out to make a few returns and exchanges. Overall, we did pretty good. I had only a few things to exchange. There were some really good deals out there on New Year's Day. I wish I had had a few more hours, I would have liked to have gone to Dillards - they were having an additional 50% off of clearance sale.

Walmart1 - Christmas tablecloth (60x84)
1 - 2pr Christmas socks
1 - Santa Hat
3 - Candy filled canes (Hot Tamales/Runts)

Total $4.25 OOP. They were out of the pajamas and some of the other deals that I had seen, but all of their Christmas was 75% off.

The Children's Place
1 - Long-Sleeve Boy's Tee
1 - Short-Sleeve Boy's Tee
2 - Hooded shirts
1 - Fleece Pants
1 - Fleece Pullover
1 - Long-Sleeve Girl's Tee

Total $25.97 OOP. They were having their Monster Sale, with their clearance items an additional 30% off the lowest stickered price, and I had a 20% off coupon.

Macy's7 - Women's Sweaters/Shirts

Total $50 on gift card (from last Christmas, I never get a chance to shop there) and $18.54 OOP. They were having a take an additional 50% off clearance sale and I had a 15% off sale and clearance coupon. My most expensive item was $21! The original price would have been $247.02 with tax, so I had a savings of 72%.

My actual OOP for these three stores was $48.76 for 14 shirts/pants and some Christmas stuff.

I also made a stop at Victoria's Secret for their semi-annual sale, they had certain foundation items on a Buy One Get One Half Off sale. I like the fit but normally find them to be cost prohibitive. At least with the sale, they work out to be about $30 each. I had hoped to find some in the discount bins which are even cheaper, but they didn't have the style I like in my size.

After being home for 2 full weeks with the family, it was a nice mom break to get out and shop.