Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Textbook Rental!

When I went to college, I remember always being amazed that a textbook could cost so much. It seemed that the smaller the textbook, the more it cost to buy. Now for some books, that were very specific to my major, I could see some value because I planned to keep the book as a reference. But, for many of my general ed classes, I would buy a book and then sell it back. This was a challenge when the instructor changed the book or the edition changed, not to mention, they always paid only a fraction of the upfront costs to buy them back. Now, there are more options. Some books are available electronically and there are bookstores and services that offer textbook rental.

I received the following information in a press release yesterday:

    "Neebo, a nationwide network of college bookstores, today announced plans to give away 100,000 textbook rentals, worth an estimated $6 million. The giveaway celebrates the launch of Neebo’s new website,, which provides students with everything needed to enjoy the best possible college experience and get more college for their money.

    Starting today, students can go to’s textbook rental giveaway microsite, select the book they wish to rent, “like” the Neebo Facebook page ( and receive their one free rental. The student will pay only a small fee for shipping. In addition, once the free rental transaction is completed, the student will have the option of going to to order all of his or her textbooks at a 10 percent discount. The promotion will run through the end of the month or until the free rentals are gone."

My husband is a student pursuing a second degree, so I plan to have him check this offer out. It would be nice not to have to purchase one textbook this semester. Plus, if he likes his experience, it could help us save money in future semesters too.

So, if you are a college student, head over to , click through their Free Rental box, and look for a text book that you need. Once you find it, select it, "like" them on Facebook and receive a free rental. They are giving away 100,000 rentals, offer ends this month or when all 100,000 have been given away.

There were still 98,000 rentals remaining when I stopped by this morning.