Friday, January 28, 2011

Grocery Deals

I made a quick stop to Giant Eagle on Wednesday, before the ad changed. They had the Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta on sale for $1/box and when I went earlier in the week, they were out and I failed to get a rain check.

2 - Diced Tomatoes
2 - Tomato Sauce
4 - Ronzoni Smart Taste Spaghetti
2 - Skittles
1 - 5# bag of flour

-$1 $1/2 Ronzoni mfg coupon
-$1 $1/2 Ronzoni mfg coupon
-$.50 $.50/2 Skittles IP
-$.50 double

Total $8.29 OOP. Plus, I picked up a rain check for 12 boxes of the pasta.


My husband was near BJs, so I had him pick up the free bananas and mini corn bread loaves that I had printed coupons for from their website. Unfortunately, the bananas cost $.20 more than the coupon, so they weren't entirely free, but $.20 for 3# of bananas is still a good deal.


Noelle said...

20c for 3lbs of bananas is certainly a great deal :)
I think my best ever deal on bananas was by chance at Aldi. I stopped in at the right time because on top of the normal 39c/lb they were B1G1! Still not as good as your 20c/3lbs!