Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Lately, I seem to be suffering from a deplorable lack of motivation. It doesn't seem to be any one thing and it hasn't completely derailed me (perhaps that is part of the reason it is perpetuated), but I find myself with a rather blah attitude on the eating and exercising front. The good news is that I am ready to start fresh...tomorrow. I know, I should do it today, but that just isn't going to happen.

A little bit of back story....

As I mentioned, it hasn't been any one thing that seems to have me feeling unmotivated, but rather a series of things, that together have gotten me completely off sync.

My week away - I did really good that week maintaining a focus on exercising. I got up each morning and walked. One day, we walked over 5 miles. We even walked home after some evening activities - driven more so by our desire to avoid the questionable cab than a desire to exercise at 10 pm. Unfortunately, try as I might, the eating thing just got out of control. I had two snacks a day, and reasonably healthy at that - cheese, cut veggies, fresh fruit. Now, normally, this might be considered a good thing, except, I didn't change the way I was eating at the meals and there was a dessert with each meal. Of course, we can't forget cocktail hour - I didn't have much, but even a glass of wine a day is more than I would normally consume. In then end, my calorie consumption was up and when I returned home, my one foot was sore.

My flooded basement - My bad eating was perpetuated that following weekend by a flooded basement. Since we were preoccupied with rescuing the basement and since there were no meals planned (we were supposed to have been at my brother's house for my niece's birthday that afternoon/evening), we ate not the best meals and I brilliantly added soda to each of my meals, which was regular full calorie soda, since I can't drink the diet stuff. The secondary effect of a flooded basement was the loss of my workout area where I do many of my workouts since we had everything torn apart for a solid week. That whole next week, after a week away with increased eating and a bad food habit weekend, I found myself craving snacks at random times - even if I wasn't hungry, I wanted the flavor.

Daylight savings - My foot was feeling better, my basement was back together and my alarm was set for 5 am on Monday so that I could resume my workout routine. Only thing is, on Monday, when my alarm went off, the clock said 5 am, but my body said 4 am. I hit snooze and rolled over. Not a good way to start the week! Then, a week of early morning meetings left me with not a full hour to work out. When I was in the routine, I was very good at adapting and just shortening my work out to fit the time that I had. Somehow, having been off routine for a couple of weeks made it easy for me to excuse myself from exercise because I didn't have a full hour.

Swimming Lessons - For the most recent session of swim lessons, we had to change nights. That night now coincides with when I should be at my Weight Watchers meetings. I am still monitoring what I eat, but somehow between the week away (where I failed to track!) and the inability to attend my regular meeting, I have stopped tracking everything. I have the good habits still around, but without tracking, I tend to forget about the little nibbles that happen.

As a result, I have lost some of the weight that I gained that week away, but it has been a really slow process. I am confident (Sound of Music song playing in my head) that when I return to exercising and tracking what I eat that the weight will continue to come off at a better pace.

I recently received the Walk Eat Lose! 21-Day Challenge! DVD set from Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home Series. I am thinking that since I am completely out of habit, that I will start with that and then work in some of the strength training from P90X. Eventually, I'd like to get back to full rotation on all of my DVDs, but you have to start somewhere.

I logged back onto Weight Watchers eTools and fully intend to start tracking again. The awareness created in tracking will help me to continue to make smart food choices and to have more willpower against the nibbles that put me over the top.

Yesterday was the first day of spring, I'd like to be well on my way to my goal when summer arrives.

This post shared at Mamavation Monday. The weekly blogging carnival is sponsored by Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn. The question is: Are you a sweet or savory snacker? What do you look for in a healthy snack? My answer, unfortunately, is Yes. I am both. It can become a challenge as I enjoy both sweet and savory snacks and sometimes I find that if I eat one, I "need" the other. When it comes to a healthy snack, one that is full of flavor and texture generally goes the furthest in making me feel satisfied.

No compensation was received for this post. I am a Weight Watchers Insider for the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program and have received complimentary online access to Weight Watchers, an IPad with the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion App downloaded, a Flip Camera and other tools to help me on my weight loss journey, using Weight Watchers. 'People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1 - 2 pounds per week.' This Mamavation Monday post is sponsored by Orville Rednbacher's Gourment Popping Corn and by participating in the blogging carnival, I'm entering to win a an Orville Redenbacher’s Very Important Blogger (VIB) Gift Basket which includes popcorn, exercise kit including clip n step meter, exercise bands, healthy recipe mix-ins, yoga kit with yoga mat, blocks, strap, and beginner DVD ($100 value).


lorrie said...

you can do a great job i know you can and i have faith in you. good luck at your health and fitness this week