Sunday, March 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

What a weekend! We bought a car today. My husband went in on earlier this week to select a car, negotiate and sign a deal. I even stopped in and signed the loan application. All of this, in hopes that when it came time to pick up the car that it would be a quick and painless process. You know, it still took almost 3 hours from when we arrived to when we left to pick up the car today. After arriving, there was about an hour that felt like nothing happened. Then, there was about 1/2 hour when we went out to the car, that we hadn't seen yet. Then, there was an hour signing everything. Then, another 1/2 hour to pay the deposit and get a quick review of the car and features. Wow! The kids were very well behaved and we went out to dinner to celebrate (and because we were all a little worn out).

After dinner, we made a quick stop at the grocery store for the things that we were making this week. Of all things, they were sold out of hamburger buns! So, I readjusted the sequence of dinners, to allow us a few days to get back to the store.

dinner out at our favorite local Mexican


Chicken Romano (new recipe) and Parmesan Bread sticks (they were a hit last time - I will try to post the recipe later this week)

Skyline Chili

Pork Tenderloin sandwiches and fries

Tilapia Vera Cruz (new recipe)


Weekday breakfasts are generally cereal for everyone, but my daughter eats at school and does have a hot breakfast a few days. Lunch is either packed or bought in the cafeteria, for me and my son. My husband eats leftovers or microwave meals most days.

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