Monday, April 4, 2011

Is Everyone There?

I did some blog housekeeping this weekend and of course, I didn't think to send out something ahead of time in case I lost people in the moves.

Why the moves?
You see, three or so years ago when I set up the blog, I was just "playing" and set it up in one account. Then, I wanted to make things more cohesive, so I set up a new e-mail account to associate with my blog. When I tried to move my blog from the e-mail where I had set it up to the e-mail I was using for the blog shortly after creating it, the move failed miserably.

I'm not even really sure what went on but I couldn't seem to move it. I tried adding an author, but never got the "invite" which left me unable to move the blog. So, for nearly 3 years now, I have been having to sign in and sign out of accounts to be able to read my e-mails, edit my blogs, follow blogs, etc., because the functions were split amongst the two e-mails. It was a nightmare (really, more so just a frustration).

So, finally last night, with my husband's assistance, we moved the blog. The challenge was that we couldn't delete the other log-in that I had originally tried to move the blog to. So, we had to first transfer the ownership fully to him and delete both of my log-ins that were listed on the account (even the one that never worked!). Then, we were able to finally invite the "right" log-in to be an author and set it up as the administrator so that we could "delete" my husband.

Now, everything is under one account. No more having to toggle between my accounts to keep up with blogging, e-mailing, following and such. So far, I like it, but I have some concerns, like did my feed stay intact? I was able to move my feed (as far as I know) and can access the history through the new log-in, but I'm not yet sure if it is still publishing. That's where you come in...could you stop by and leave me a comment letting me know that you are still getting my feed? It would be great to hear from someone that has e-mail, someone that has it in a feed reader, etc. I just want to make sure that I haven't lost everyone!


Anonymous said...

I get ya through Google reader and I see you :)

Anonymous said...

I get ya through Google reader and I see you :)

A Busy Mom of Two said...

Thanks for the feedback. I know that I lost my Twitter feed. Won't know on the e-mail feed until this afternoon.

Rachel Holloway said...

SEE YOU!!!! Glad you got that all worked out! That can be a doozy, switching logins constantly!

Theresa said...

my email still came through