Monday, April 4, 2011

Mamavation Monday

It was a pretty good week. I must have done an okay job estimating my dining out items for tracking, because I used all of my weekly PointsPlus values and I still managed to lose a little weight. Considering that I had dinner out three nights (including Graeter's Ice Cream for dessert!) and had catered lunches on two days, losing weight feels like an accomplishment. I always worry about the accuracy of my assumptions when I am not in "control" of what I am eating, like when I eat out or have a catered meal. When I cook at home, I know what is in the recipe and can calculate the amount of PointsPlus values for the meals using the recipe builder tool on eTools.

I had another successful week of ignoring the candy dish at work and I think that really helps. I've also gotten back into the habit of having a cup of tea in the evening. It is warm and satisfying and helps keep me from feeling like I need to have a snack. This has helped too.

On the exercise front, I have been doing the Walk At Home videos. My daughter (4 years old) has started to join me...only she gets bored of walking in place and after a while, only joins me when we are doing side steps, kicks or walking up and back. Still, it's fun that she wants to join me. Her first question when she comes down the stairs is always - "Mommy have you exercised yet?" Most of the times I am either in the family room in the middle of a DVD or am just wrapping up. Some mornings though, when I am running behind schedule because of the other things I am doing or when she wakes up super early, I am just about to start. Her question certainly helps discourage me from skipping it that day.

When I traveled last week for work, I went down to the hotel gym and walked 2.2 miles on the treadmill - after dinner out including a cone at Graeter's the night before, it felt good to get my workout in.

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kia said...

Nice job combining real world obstacles and your goal for a healthier lifestyle. This is a nice balance - keep it up.