Thursday, June 16, 2011

CVS Deals - 6/15

So, after seeing all of the buzz about the $.99 coupon for Pepsi 12pk at CVS, I decided it was well worth a trip to CVS. When I got there, I scanned my card but didn't get one. I asked the clerk and manager at the check-out if anyone had been getting the coupons and they said that the e-mail that they had received was that it was for select customers, but they would honor the offer. I grabbed a 12pk of Pepsi and one of Mountain Dew, as I wasn't sure if it was for only Pepsi and Diet Pepsi or if it was for any Pepsi product. They told me any, so I went with Mountain Dew because they didn't have any Caffeine Free Pepsi or Diet Pepsi at my store. I also got a rain check for the Zyrtec that was out.

1 - 12pk Mountain Dew

Total $.99 OOP.