Thursday, June 2, 2011

Johnsonville Italian Sausage

Sausage is one of those things that we don't have very often at my house. My husband isn't a big fan and only in the right mood will eat it, so I tend to reserve it for days when the kids and I are having dinner without him for one reason or another.

Sausage to me is something that I can remember eating as a child and it brings back memories for me. I can remember my mom cooking it up in a skillet and serving it with hash browns. I can remember ordering it on pizza when I was in college - it was a nice, fine crumble. I love having sausage links at breakfast, especially with pancakes, when they get a little bit of syrup on them. I prefer links to patties. A grilled sausage, especially if you sauteed some onions to go with it, is great with a little bit of mustard on a hot dog roll. When I make my own spaghetti sauce, sometimes I like to mix a little bit of sausage into the ground meat I am using for a little more depth of flavor.

I recently had the opportunity to try Johnsonville Sausage and share it with my friends, through SheSpeaks. They sent along this recipe book and I must say that my mouth waters, just looking at the pictures. I think I would like to try their Spicy Sausage Queso. They show it paired with garlic toast, but I think I would stick with tortilla chips. A tasty and seemingly quick to prepare recipe is for Italian Sausage & Pepper Medley (according to their website, this meal only costs $2.11/serving). Sliced sausage, paired with tri-color peppers, onion and tomatoes.

We kept it simple when we had the sausage, grilling it up and sharing with friends at our Memorial Day picnic. That first bite when the juices of the sausage explode into your mouth is so flavorful. I had mine with just a bit of Stadium Mustard. I think that is a taste that says summer.

I also saw that they are launching a line of Chicken Sausage. The varieties for the Chicken Sausage are Apple, Chipotle Monterey Jack Cheese and Three Cheese Italian Style. I didn't see these at my store, but I will definitely keep an eye out. I really enjoy Chicken Apple Sausage and can't wait to try theirs. If you want to try it, grab the coupon here to save some money on the Chicken Sausage.

No compensation was received for this post. I received coupons to try Johnsonville Sausage for free, as well as coupons to share with friends and family, through my participation in SheSpeaks.