Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making Breakfast Sandwiches

I really enjoy eating breakfast sandwiches. For a long time, I would only have them when I was eating out. Then one day, it dawned on me how easy they would be to make at home.

I found that I could use my bowls to microwave the egg to get the perfect round shape that I needed for fitting on my English Muffin or Bagel.

After having had them at home a few times, I realized that this was also an easy item to pack for lunch. I am always looking for variety in my lunches and breakfast sandwiches certainly fit that bill.

To make my breakfast sandwich, I put a little bit of butter in my bowl (makes the egg come out easier and provides a nice flavor). I crack my egg into the bowl and use a fork to puncture the yolk and the white both, to help keep it from exploding. I start by microwaving for 45 seconds. Then I check it to see if it is done, and cook longer if needed.

I toast my English muffin or my bagel.

Then, I stack the bottom of the English muffin or bagel with the egg and then a slice of American cheese. Add the top of the muffin/bagel. The heat from the muffin and the egg cause the cheese to just barely melt - making it perfect.

Sometimes, I will also add bacon or ham to my sandwich.

Making breakfast sandwiches at home or at work for lunch, works for me!

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Tired Mom T├ęsa said...

I just started making breakfast sandwiches too. So easy and so delicious! Not sure why I didn't make them before. Even the kids love them!