Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Today (yesterday now, actually), I resume (I was going to say restart, but I'm not starting over, I'm simply picking up where I left off) with vigor my dedication to becoming healthier and more fit by watching what I eat and exercising.

Recently, life had gotten in the way of me remembering to spend time and focus on myself. I had become lazy about measuring and tracking food, I had become more liberal in dining out, I had become more willing to skip my morning workout than just do the portion I could fit into the time I had available - but no more!

I am important (at the very least, to me I am). I am allowed to have time for myself, to focus on my needs.

I now have a walking partner - we walk together, but not really with each other. She listens to an iPod, I get lost in my own thoughts. We are meeting three days a week at 5 am to do a twice through circuit of our neighborhood - yesterday, we skipped a few cul-de-sacs, but we still walked 3.6 miles in just under an hour. Not bad for day one. I'd like to add back in the cul-de-sacs and get about 4 miles in - preferably in under an hour as well. Sure, I could just as easily walk on my own, but when I am meeting someone, there is no "just one more snooze" option. I don't want to mess up someone else' schedule because I'm feeling a little lazy. On the alternating days, I will do my DVDs to focus on my major muscle groups.

I'm still walking at lunch, when possible. Of course, with as warm as it is, I can't always maintain a good pace - after all, I have to work with others all afternoon and don't want to be offensive. The important thing is that I am moving.

I resumed tracking my food intake yesterday as well. I know what I am supposed to eat, I just had lost focus and wasn't always making the right food choices. Now, I am refocusing on the right choice. I will face two of my biggest challenges this week - catered work lunches and dining out for work. I will have to remain strong in my resolve to eat healthy. I will choose the best option for me.

I'm ready for the new week and the challenges that lie ahead. How about you?

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Shelley said...

taking time for me and putting my needs first is ALWAYS the hardest thing for me. WTG for recognizing that and stepping up! I'm proud of you and here to support in any way I can

lorrie said...

its so great to have a partner to workout with cause they do keep you accontable, i go to fintess class with a friend of mine and she keeps me going