Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Game Deals

We are a big fan of games at our house. We have game nights with friends and play games with the kids. Right now, there are a few game coupons available on Coupons.com.

Game Coupons:
Save $5 Picitionary
Save $3 Jenga or Cranium Brain Break
Save $5 Electronic Catch Phrase or Taboo

To find them quicker, click on the Toys and Games category.

One deal that you can get with these coupons is the Pictionary Card Game. Both Walmart and Target carry the Pictionary Card Game for around $6.

Pictionary Card Game ~$6

-$5 Pictionary IP

~$1 OOP.

I haven't played the Pictionary Card Game yet, but I definitely am going to try to find it and check it out. We enjoy playing Pictionary - we even use our dry erase board on our easel to give us more space to draw when we play.

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