Monday, January 16, 2012

A Mommy-Daughter Day (well, almost)

Yesterday was a wonderfully fun day.

My daughter and I had the opportunity to join two of my friends and their daughters to go and see Disney On Ice Dare to Dream. Unfortunately, my one friend's daughter was sick, so she brought her son instead. (It was fine and the kids had a great time, it just wasn't a true Mommy-Daughter day for all of us like we had planned.)

The show was spectacular. I think that the Tangled portion of the show was our favorite. Watching Rapunzel and Flynn swing above the ice in an amazing show of strength was pretty impressive.
Of course, with it being Disney, there was not lack of Disney magic. The way that Prince turned to a Frog and then Tiana and of course, back again, was spectacular. The skaters didn't miss a beat and there was just enough smoke and light to make it all happen seamlessly.
At the end of the show, my daughter was so excited to see all of the princesses arrive, only to wonder, why didn't they tell their story. I told her they didn't have the time to tell everyone's story, but that I thought it was great that we still got to see all of the princesses.

For some reason, this got me to thinking, what is the split on already a princess (typically in hiding) and becomes a princess.

Snow White


I'm not so sure about Mulan, I guess that she became a Princess? Overall, if my memory serves, it seems like they keep things well in balance when it comes to the Disney Princesses.

Back to the day...

So, after the Disney on Ice Dare to Dream performance was over, we headed down the street from the Q to the Winking Lizard to have lunch. This turned out to be the icing on the cake for our little princesses (and not so much for the little prince), as who was having lunch at the Winking Lizard? None other than Rapunzel. There was this amazing fan that was dressed as Rapunzel. She was very gracious and allowed many a young princess to take a picture with her.
Of course, when we ran into her in the bathroom later, it prompted several discussions - why don't you ever see the princesses go to the bathroom in their shoes and how did she get her hair back so quickly if she had cut it off. Both very valid questions, of course the answer to the first one is that you don't see it, but they go when they are not in the show and for the second, it grows back very quickly, it was magical hair afterall. Lunch was a very enjoyable time to hang out and catch up.

After lunch, we headed back down towards Akron. Earth Fare had (has?) a text coupon available when you sign up to receive text messages of deals for $10 off your total order of $25 or more. I and one of my friends had never been and wanted to check it out, so we decided to shop as a group. They both texted EAT to 71700 (give it a try, mine was only good until yesterday, but it might be a rolling deal - good for just two days when you request it) and within a few minutes had their coupons in their inbox.

The selection at Earth Fare was great. I bought more than I intended to, but had started the trip picking up a few things that I knew I needed (but not necessarily the best value) to make sure I got to $25. One thing that we tried was this homemade ravioli - I picked up some Sun Dried Tomato and some Roasted Red Pepper and Onion Ravioli. In addition, I grabbed some tortellini, just in case. To complete dinner, I grabbed some Reggiano Parmesean cheese and a baguette. I also tried two new yogurts - one was made with Almond Milk and one with Coconut Milk. My one friends was shopping for non-milk based yogurts, as both her and her daughter are allergic to milk. The last thing that I grabbed were these Crispy Mangoes from Crispy Greens. They are freeze-dried fruit and nothing else. The pasta was delicious and so was the Crispy Mangoes, I haven't yet tried the yogurts.

When we arrived back at our friend's house where we met, my daughter was very disappointed that after nearly 6 hours together that we weren't able to stay and play. We agreed to schedule a play date and headed home. Our busy day wasn't quite over. On the way home, we passed some people sledding at the park and my daughter asked if we could go sledding when we got home. Of course, I said. I knew that we didn't have long, it would be getting dark soon, but we bundled up and headed down the block to a small, but entertaining hill.

What a wonderful day!

No compensation was received for this post. As a Feld Family Blogger, I received complimentary tickets to the show for my family. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family.


kewkew said...

Sounds like a great time. We are hoping to go to see this when it comes to our area. You have made me anticipate it all the more. I love that you broke down the list of princesses, never thought of it before.
I am a new follower from the Friday Blog Hops. I hope you have a chance to stop by Tots and Me.