Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rafflecopter LaunchParty - Win an iPad2!

Rafflecopter is celebrating it's official launch and they are giving away an iPad2! Simply follow the instructions to enter in the Rafflecopter Widget. Please list me as the referring blog - A Busy Mom of Two. When you enter, I am entered to win a Kindle Fire in the blogger giveaway.

In addition to the first entry which you get for simply letting them know who referred you, you can get additional entries by tweeting about this giveaway, following Rafflecopter on twitter, and giving them feedback. I've hosted several giveaways using Rafflecopter - what do you think? They also are doing an entry when you Suggest a Mascot Name "Suggest a Mascot Name – You’ve seen the Rafflecopter smiley-face dude hanging around the web. The poor guy needs a name, and we want to leave it up to you to decide what his (or her?) name should be. For an additional entry, suggest a name! After the giveaway is over, we’ll go through the list of names and pick out our favorite suggestions (be creative!) and bring it to a vote on Facebook. If your name is chosen, you’ll win a Kindle Fire and be immortalized in Rafflecopter history :)".

Good luck!!! I'd love to have one of you win the iPad2 and/or the Kindle Fire for the Name the Mascot Contest. (and I would love to win the Kindle Fire!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

No compensation was received for this post. By including the giveaway on my site, I am given extra entries into the blogger giveaway.