Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mamavation Monday

What a week it was last week. With so many meals that were catered or eaten out, it was a really tough week for me. I was in meetings for long stretches of time and had to be work earlier than normal. As such, this we a less than model week for me. I ate at the top of my Points for the week (consuming them all - meaning no buffer if I did underestimate a serving) and didn't make time for activity.

I was so glad to return to 'normal' at the end of the week. I was able to finally eat within my daily Points without using more than one or two of the weekly Points.

The net result of the week was that I was Flat. Flat was better than I expected with the way the week started, so for that I am glad.

I am really loving the Weight Watchers Apps for my phone. I was at the store on Sunday and as I was perusing the selection of frozen meals, I was able to scan the bar code and see the Points for each meal. Now, not all items are in the database, but there are a lot of items in there. It made it easier for me to make selections that fit what I am looking for for lunch. One thing that I learned (and was surprised to learn) is that the Points reflected on the package for the Weight Watchers frozen meals is not the current Points value. Some you knew, because it was the old logo, but some even said Points Plus and did not match the calculation. I found this to be frustrating, wondering how many people are taking them at face value and not realizing that they are eating more Points than they think. I knew that I had some meals in my freezer, many of which were more Points than I expected. Some of which, I would not have selected if I had known the actual Points. I also like that you can track directly from the scanner app - immediately those items are reflected on my tracker.

In addition to the scanner, the convenience of having the tracking on my phone is awesome! It allows me to stay current and to make better choices when I find myself looking to nibble. Knowing exactly where I am is better than 'guessing' where I am. It is a very easy to use app and saving favorites has helped a lot in quickly completing my tracker.

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Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...

Good for you for ending up "flat." Even though you thought you did worse it turned out not too badly, which is always great!

I love the sound of that Weight Watchers app. I think I'll download it but I'll be sure to take note of the mix up in points.

Liz Mays said...

I didn't know Weight Watchers had that app! Awesome!!!! But it sounds like they need to work out some kinks with it.