Wednesday, January 18, 2012


One of my requirements in a bedroom was a cozy, snuggly bed. I love to be able to turn the temperature down in the house at night and sleep under the nice warm and cozy blankets. My bed has a sheet, a cover and a down comforter. It is so nice and cozy, I love to be able to snuggle in under the covers.

The problem is that there are only a few minutes of each night where you aware of it. When you first climb in, you are appreciative of the warmth of the blankets, but the bed is still cool. As you sleep, you obviously are enjoying the comfort of the bed and hopefully, enjoying a good night's sleep as a result. But, the best time, is first thing in the morning, when you are half awake. At that point, you realize how cool the air around you is and how cozy it really is under the comfortable blankets that are enveloping your and keeping you warm. It makes it so hard to get out of bed in the morning, you just want to savor the warmth.

So, years ago, I started setting my alarm 10 minutes before I really needed to get up. That way, I had a 10 minute buffer that allowed me to hit snooze and then lay there, half awake, enjoying the coziness of my bed.

The only problem is, when you can hear the wind blowing outside and see the snow, it makes it really tempting to hit snooze again and again, just to avoid getting out of bed (and to keep from accidentally actually falling back to sleep).

Snooze works for me!


Liz Mays said...

I reset my alarm six times on average, and the sad thing is that after the sixth, I just turn it off and give in to the blessed sleep!

Pamela said...

HaHa I loved this post. I know I will hit an alarm at least twice before getting up. You are ever so right about hearing the wind/rain outside that does not help in getting you out the bed.

Find you via the blog hop but will visit your blog again.

Still Dating My Spouse

Jane Maillie said...

I am such a huge snooze button fan. Makes me feel like I am sleeping in on mornings when I have to get up. Even if it is only a blessed 10 more minutes.
From one busy mum to another!

Enjoy your posts, I just started mine late last year.