Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CVS Deals - 8/25

I stopped in at CVS yesterday on my way home from work. I picked up a couple of the deals, but still need to head back for a couple of others that I decided I would check out.

Transaction #1:

2 40ct ob Tampons
1 20 oz Sobe LifeWater
1 16ct Kotex Lightdays

- $1.50 ob Mfg Q
- $1.50 ob Mfg Q
- $1 Kotex Mfg Q
- $2 CVS Q

Paid with $5.00 ECBs and $0.78 OOP. Earned $5 & $1.49 ECBs.

Transaction #2 (lost my receipt):

1 3pk ZipFizz
1 Kotex Ultra with Wings

- $2 Kotex Mfg Q
- $2 CVS Q

Paid $6.49 ECBs (from first transaction) and $0.13 OOP. Earned $5.99 ECBs. Thankfully, I had pulled my ECB off of my receipt before I lost it. Which leads me to a question, when I log on at CVS, it shows that I have a $3 ECB that I can't find. I called CVS and they said to have the store manager call and validate that I have it. I asked the store and they told me that they can't do anything about it, call CVS. Anyone ever have this happen? Did you get your ECB? How?

I asked if I could use the $2/$10 Q in each transaction and was told, "I don't see why not?", so I decided to go ahead and use it twice.

I still need to get my second ZipFizz and I would like to complete the LifeWater/Gatorade deal as well.