Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tips for Thursday

Wow! I couldn't seem to come up with a title for this blog. After some deliberation, I have settled on Tips for Thursday. Okay, I know, it's only Wednesday, but somewhere it is already Thursday and in the future, this will be my Thursday feature. I thought that maybe I would try to get some regular posts onto my blog in addition to the recipes and savings I have been sharing.

Over the years, I have seen numerous e-mails, some many times, with tips. I have a wealth of tips that I have learned from friends and family or read in places like Heloise. So, I decided why not share some of those tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years that make my life easier/save me money.

A while back, it was suggested to me that my hair would be healthier if I washed it less frequently (equals drying less frequently as well and drying your hair, as we all know, is hard on your hair). So, I tried it. I switched to alternating days for washing my hair. I have to say that I am happy with the results. At first, I felt like you could tell when it was the off day, but now, I don't think you can. My hair has adjusted and seems healthier to me. I didn't think of it at the time, but I am saving a good deal of shampoo and conditioner in the process. Knowing that I am using less, makes me feel better about still using the "good" stuff (although lately, I've been using Target's version of the "good" stuff and I like it pretty well and it is cheaper).

The only drawback I have seen is that sometimes I get a buildup on my curling iron from the hairspray I used the first day. I have to clean this off of the curling iron or I find myself with what looks like strange striped gray hairs where the burnt on product is sticking to my hair. Conveniently, this is most noticeable on my bangs. A quick scrub with a scotch brite pad does the trick to clean it up.