Saturday, August 2, 2008

CVS Deals

I missed finishing out some of the July ECB deals because I didn't make it to CVS until today. I went to do the DVD. At my store, it has to be done behind the counter and there aren't any song choices (they are just assigned?). Anyway, I still have to go back to pick it up. I just hope it turns out nice. I called a couple of stores in my area who both told me they hold 250 pictures. I saw on-line in a couple of spots that 60 pictures were referenced, so I will see what happens since I had 170 pictures.

While there, I picked up some of their other deals.

2 11 oz Palmolive Dish Soap
6 15 oz V05 Shampoos & Conditioners
2 3-pk 4 oz Irish Spring Bar Soap
1 CVS Antibacterial Soap
1 Children's Advil 4 oz

-$.40 x2 for Palmolive
-$.30 x2 for Irish Spring Bar Soap
-$2. on CVS Skincare
-$1. on Children's Advil.

Paid with $7.98 ECB and $1.63 OOP. Earned $5.79 in ECBs. So, it actually wound up costing me $3.82 when you consider lost ECB and OOP.

The DVD is just free because they are out of the Kodak ones and have to do the CVS DVD, which of course wouldn't generate ECBs. I'm fine with that.

The "free gift" that was mentioned by e-mail yesterday for me turned out to be a 2.0 oz CVS Hand Sanitizer up to $1.49. Not as exciting as I had hoped, but free is free and we use Hand Sanitizer. What did you get?

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