Thursday, August 7, 2008

CVS - DVD deal follow-up

I went back to CVS on Saturday afternoon to pick up my DVD. They were out of the Kodak, so they did the CVS equivalent. Since the CVS equivalent wouldn't print the ECB, the store just gave it to me at no cost.

I have to say that from what I have read elsewhere, I'm not sure that the DVDs done behind the counter by the 1 hour photo are the same as those done at the Kiosk.

The DVD did hold all 170+ pictures that I had put on it. I had numbered my pictures in a 001, 002,... format and they were in the right order. The music was all instrumental. Clearly the transitions were completely random, some pictures were sort of funny because they would start on the people's faces and pan to their toes or start on someone and pan off to nothing.

A nice feature on the DVD was a photobook, which featured all of the pictures on the DVD in order with the date listed below them. I think this would be nice years later when you are watching it and wonder, "when was that picture taken?".

Overall, I was pretty satisfied. My husband tells me he can do something similar here at home (probably better since we can select the music and control the transitions), so I'm not sure I would pay the $9.99 (or more) to have CVS/Kodak make me the DVD.