Friday, August 29, 2008

Rite Aid Deal

I stopped in a Rite Aid after work today. Not really with any plan in place, but just to see what they had. I noticed that they had Pert Plus on sale for $2.99 with a $2 One Check Rebate deal. I had a coupon for it that I had been saving for the CVS raincheck. After 3 weeks, my CVS still didn't have it in stock, so I decided I would use the coupon and take advantage of this deal.

Transaction #1

1 - PertPlus

- $2 mfg coupon

$0.99 OOP. One Check Rebate for $2 (completed on-line). Peelie rebate for free bottle (up to $3.99) $2.99. Assuming they don't discount the peelie rebate to reflect the coupon, I figure in the end, I will be paid $4 to bring home this one bottle of shampoo. Not bad for a random stop on the way home.

Transaction #2

Didn't happen. I saw that they also had a one check rebate on Shout laundry spray. I knew I had coupons at home, so I picked them up and stopped at the Rite Aid by my house, but they were out. I got a raincheck for the sale price and was told that when the product came in, I could simply fax in my raincheck and receipt and they would honor the rebate at that time. Even if I had already filed my August One Check Rebate. I will get each of the 22 oz Shout Sprays for $0.25 ($0.50 total for two) after coupons and rebate.

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