Friday, August 29, 2008

CVS Deals - part 2

I thought I was just going to quickly stop by CVS on my way home to complete the Sobe LifeWater deal and grab the other ZipFizz deal. But, when I got my receipt, I noticed that the ob/Stayfree/Carefree deal was no longer showing Limit Reached. So, I headed home. I checked my receipt from Monday, which showed Limit Reached. Figuring that they had increased the limit, I grabbed a couple of coupons and headed out to another CVS to try that deal again.

Transaction #1 (Store #1)
3 - 20 oz Sobe LifeWater
1 - 32 oz Gatorade
1 - 3pk ZipFizz
1 - CVS Liquid Handsoap

- $2 CVS Skincare coupon
- $2 $2/$10 coupon
- $1 Free Sobe LifeWater coupon

Paid $5.78 ECBs ($5.99 adjusted down) and $0.07 OOP. Earned $5.99 & $2 ECBs.

Transaction #2 (Store #2)
1 - 36ct Stayfree
1 - 40ct ob
1 - CVS Liquid Handsoap
1 - KitKat bar

- $2 CVS Skincare coupon
- $2 $2/$10 coupon
- $1 Stayfree Coupon

Paid with $5 ECBs and $0.35 OOP. Earned $5 ECBs. The receipt once again showed limit reached. I'm wondering though, the monthly deal on the ob was limit 5. What differentiates the two deals? If I bought just ob, couldn't I have used the monthly deal after the weekly deal which included the Stayfree and Carefree? Anyone know?

Not a bad week. You can see my first two transactions for the week here. I got a lot of feminine care products. I should be covered for a while in that department.

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