Saturday, August 16, 2008

Facebook Coupons

I found out on-line at Common Sense with Money last night about a coupon application on Facebook. There seem to be some pretty good coupons. What I read on A Full Cup indicates that the coupons are legitimate and that there are not any print limits to the coupons. They are manufacturer coupons but the redemption address is all to the application provider. You can progress to various savings levels the more you share with your friends. This translate to more and higher value coupons according to the application. When you log on, you need to go to Applications and search Check It Out.

Happy Saving!

8/16 update:

According to Common Sense with Money, there is some question as to the legitimacy of the coupons. She is waiting to here more and I will update as I hear more.


Mercedes said...

Hi Busymom, thanks for linking to my post. At this poing there are a lot of questions about these coupons. I am seriously thinking the company will eventually pull them from circulation. We will see what happens.