Friday, August 6, 2010

CVS Deals - 8/3

I've made a few failed attempts at shopping at CVS this week. I made a purchase on one trip and got a rain check for Sobe on another. I hope to get to one more store to see if they have some things in stock. I would like to do the BandAid/J&J deal, but I really want to use three of the first aid kits and two packs of BandAids to do it. Problem is, everyone has been out of the first aid kits. Everyone is also out of the Sobe. One store told me that someone came in and bought two cases before it was even put on shelf.

On the trip where I did buy, I was taking advantage of the $4.99 sale price on Boost and a buy 4 get 1 free CRT that I had. I just wish that I had printed more than one of the $3 off coupons for Boost from when they were available. Luckily, there are Peelies on the cartons I purchased.

5 - Boost High Protein
2 - Sobe Life Water

-$4.99 Buy 4 get 1 CRT
-$3 Boost IP (no longer available)
-$1.50 Boost Peelie
-$1.50 Boost Peelie
-$1.50 Boost Peelie
-$1.50 Boost Peelie
-$1.59 Sobe BOGO IP (Heads or Tails game)

Total $11.07 OOP. I didn't have ECBs with me, or I could have used those. I don't think this was too bad - the regular shelf price on the Boost is $8.99 and I got 5 for about $2.20 each. I use the Boost High Protein as my protein shake after my workout. I generally add some fiber powder to it and throw it in my freezer for about an hour. When I pull it out, it is a little slushy and super cold. It is tasty, convenient and helps give me the protein that I need while doing P90X.