Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

The past few weeks have simply been crazy at my house. For the second weekend in a row, we had guests at our house from Thursday through Sunday and hosted a crowd on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoy entertaining and love to see family and friends, but I'm officially worn out. I'm looking forward to our under scheduled Labor Day weekend next weekend.

I didn't hit the store this weekend, but will likely need to go today or tomorrow, at least for staples like Milk, Bread and fresh Fruit and Vegetables. I'm also struggling from menu plan burnout. Between sports and my husband's classes, it is so hard to sit down and have a family meal. On top of that, I feel like I need to make things that only take 15 minutes to prep. It's making it really difficult and I keep wanting to just list peanut butter and jelly for every night - but I don't want to do that and recognize the importance of eating together as a family.

Our menu is without turkey this week. With my turkey store being 20 miles away, my schedule and the other stuff I have to use in my freezer, getting to the store to buy more turkey hasn't been a pressing concern. I still have some in my freezer, but none that worked for this week's menu.

muffins and homemade donuts
lunch out with friends
Leftover Pizza

Lemon Chicken and pasta

Roasted Tomatoes and Shrimp

Chicken Gravy over biscuits


Homemade Pizza

Crab Cakes

Weekdays breakfast is at daycare for my daughter, the rest of us eat cold cereal, frozen waffles, oatmeal, toast or whatever strikes our fancy. Lunch we pack, usually leftovers for me.

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