Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fresh Produce

Today's topic for the Ultimate Recipe Swap over at Life As Mom is about what you are doing with fresh produce.

I think that my two favorite things to do with fresh produce are to make a tomato sandwich and to make a cucumber salad.

When it comes to tomato sandwiches, I don't need the bacon or the lettuce. Just give me warm toast, creamy mayonnaise and a fresh from the garden, sliced red tomato. There is just something about that sandwich that is so tasty!

For cucumber salad, I don't mind when it is prepped with sour cream, but most of the time, I want the good old, vinegar and onions and cucumber combination. There is something about that salad that just speaks of summer.

Since neither of those are recipes, I thought I might share some links to recipes I have shared before.

Lately I have been able to find lots of cabbage available at the local farmer's markets. One of my favorite ways to enjoy cabbage, besides cabbage rolls, is in cole slaw. It is easy to make and tasty. I recommend making it at least a little bit ahead of time so the flavors can all hang out together.

I have also been seeing fresh bell peppers in every color. I like to make a jambalaya recipe with those peppers, but for a fresher use, I really enjoy Tortellini with Sun-dried Tomatoes Tri-colored Peppers. It is super tasty and of course, you can make it with less colors, it just that each flavor provides a unique flavor to the overall dish.

Blueberries have been very popular lately. I found this recipe for Blueberry Bread Pudding (I compare it to a Blueberry French Toast bake) in the grocery ad a few years back. The kids love it. We eat it as a meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner, but it is also a nice treat to enjoy in the evenings as a snack.

For a great snack or appetizer we like to have fresh green beans with a horseradish dip. You don't think of Green Beans as something to eat cold, but this fits great on a relish tray.

For more ways to enjoy your fresh produce, check out the Ultimate Recipe Swap: Fresh Produce edition.

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