Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Weekend...

You may have noticed that I disappeared for a few days. We had a very busy end of week and weekend. My son celebrated his 7th birthday this weekend (pics of the cake to come), which was a lot of fun. When we host a birthday party, many of our guests come from out of town and we open our house to them. On Saturday night we had 7 adults and 4 children (all age 3 and under) as overnight guests, this was in addition to the others that attended the party. Needless to say, hosting that many people required some preparation in terms of getting the house fully in order and getting groceries for the event. There of course was also food to be prepped, cakes to be baked and the rest of life to live.

I have a few posts that I had hoped to get up last week, that will make their way up over the next few days. In addition, I hope to catch up on my regular posts, like CVS and my menu plan. There are also a few new giveaways to post and a winner still to be selected for the Sam's Club Gift Card.