Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CVS Deals - 9/7

I headed over to CVS on Tuesday to take advantage of a couple of the 3 day sale items, since I didn't make it over the holiday weekend. I got a lot of coupons from the card scanner today. The one was for a free CVS Cocoa Butter lotion. The store didn't have it in the trial size section, but they had a stick of it in the regular section and that is what they gave me. I'm not sure about a lotion stick, although we use stick sunscreen, so I guess it will likely be similar.

Here is what I got:

Transaction #1
2 - Dove Dark Bars
2 - Dove Desserts
2 - Crest with Scope Outlast
2 - Oral B Children's Brushes

-$4 $4/$20 CVS coupon
-$2 $2/$10 Oral Care CVS coupon
-$1 Crest Mfg coupon
-$.75 Crest Mfg coupon
-$2.99 BOGO Oral B Mfg coupon

Paid with $11.58 in ECBs and $1.17 OOP. Earned $5 and $5 ECBs.

Transaction #2
2 - "Crocs"
1 - V05 Conditioner
1 - Aussie Styler
1 - Coppertone Nutrashield Lotion
1 - CVS Aloe Handsoap
1 - CVS Cocoa Butter Lotion Stick
2 - Glade Fragrance Collection Candles

-$4 $4/$20 CVS coupon
-$1 Aussie Mfg coupon
-$5 Coppertone Nutrashield IP
-$1.69 CVS Free Handsoap e-mail (raincheck)
-$.99 CVS Cocoa Butter Lotion try me free CRT
-$3.29 Free Glade Fragrance Collection coupon
-$3.29 Free Glade Fragrance Collection coupon

Paid with $4.50 in ECBs and $1.32 OOP. Earned $2 ECBs.

Net for the day, I spent $16.08 in ECBs and $2.49 OOP and earned $12 in ECBs. So, my net "cost" for everything was $6.57 (but only $2.49 in real money). Not bad when you consider everything that I got. Unfortunately, I discovered that my chocolate was expired, so I will have to head back to return/exchange that.

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