Tuesday, September 8, 2009

National Waffle Week

I just had to share this deal.

Every time we are home visiting my parents, my mom takes the kids to Waffle House. They love it. It started as a way for my mom to let me sleep in a little bit by taking my early riser son to breakfast and get him out of the house. But, it turned in to a tradition. As soon as my daughter was big enough, she had to go too. On a few occasions, I am allowed to join them at Waffle House, but normally it is a mom-excluded event. The staff there love my kids (I'm sure they love them all, but I think it is great that they make them feel special). My son's request is to sit at the tall counter where he can see everything. Because my daughter is still younger, they tend to sit at the divide with my son on the tall counter and my mom and daughter at the small counter.

I think it is great that my kids have an experience like this. I can remember as a kid going with my Grandparents to Long John Silvers. I thought it was awesome and even have a picture of my Grandpa in a Long John Silver pirate hat.

Anyway, as I was saying, this week is National Waffle Week (September 6 - 12) at the Waffle House. You can go here to print a BOGO waffle coupon.