Thursday, September 24, 2009

Using Liquid Hand Soap in a Foaming Dispenser

I'm looking for your help on this one:

I was at Target the other day looking to buy a refill bottle for our foaming soap dispenser. I noticed that all of the foaming soaps are anti-bacterial. Everything I have read is that it is no more effective than regular soap and that we are putting it in our water and allowing super bugs to come about, so I would like to not use the anti-bacterial soap. Anyways, the woman at the pharmacy commented that her mom uses regular soap and water in the foaming refills.

In a quick search, I found more concerns than works. Does this work? What ratio? Do you have issues with your dispenser binding?

Based on cost, I think that if indeed I could do this, it would make a great way to save money on hand soap.

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Alea Milham said...

Yes, it works. Here is a link to a post I wrote about how I use regular soap with water in my foaming soap dispenser. I've been doing this for 9 months withour a problem:

Katie L said...

I've been refilling our Dial foaming soap dispensers for a year now. I use about 1 cm of dish soap and fill the rest with water, then shake gently. I use the foaming stuff to wash hands as well as to wash dishes, since I only wash a few dishes at a time by hand, squirts of concentrated dish soap seemed like overkill. As long as I get good bubbles when I scrub my hands or dishes, I figure I have enough soap.

BWoz said...

We do this in our kitchen with dish soap and the Dawn Foaming Soap pump - we've never had a problem!

Anonymous said...

I started saving on foaming hand soap a few years ago by filling the dispenser about 1/4 full with shower gel (you can get a lot of mileage out of those nice-smelling Bath & Body Works shower gels this way), then the other 3/4 with water. Works great!

Jenn said...

I just pour in a regular pump the bodywashes that I get free after RR's at Wags.

And also use it to wash my face and help remove my makeup at the same time.

work great!