Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kmart Super Double Deals

First, let me say that I don't feel like Kmart restocked since their last super double deal. I felt like many of the coupons I had set aside after the last event because there were none on shelf, simply still were not on shelf. That aside, I did really good. I did learn that you can only use on of the Kmart "free when you buy" coupons available here. The batteries were the most expensive item, so I went with them for this trip and get one of the others if I venture back.

Here's what I got:
(item, price, coupon, doubled amount, final cost)
Sharpie Highlighters $1.49 -$1 -$.49 = FREE
2-Speedstick Deodorant $2.50ea -$1.50 -$1 = FREE
All Bran Lemonade Drink Mix $5.25 -$2 -$2 = $1.25
Lysol Neutra Air $2.67 -$1.50 -$1.17 = FREE
Nature's Source Cleaner $2 -$1 -$1 = FREE
2-Trident Gums $2/2 -$1/2 -$1 = FREE
Hellman's Mayonnaise $3.49 -$1 -$1 = $1.49
2-Chinet Plates $4.49ea -$2 -$2 = $.49each
2-Chinet Side Plates $2.85ea -$2.85 = FREE (peelie on plates for free side plates with purchase)
Diehard AAA 4-pk $3.79 -$3.79 = FREE (free when you buy Kmart coupon)
-$3.79 (okay, I honestly don't know what happened here, somehow I was credited twice for the Diehard batteries coupon or the cashier removed them from the order. I didn't figure out how I was below my expected total until I was putting together this post and I'm not sure whether she took it off or the coupon doubled?)

Total $1.30 - of which $1.37 was tax???

I checked out at customer service. When she gave me my total of $1.30, I said, "Really? I expected for it to be closer to $5 ($3.72 plus tax)." She said, "no $1.30, that's really great."

So, I wound up essentially getting everything for less than the tax. Does that make my savings 100%? Even if you consider that my pre-tax total for everything would have been $39.37 and my OOP was $1.30, that is a savings of 97%.

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