Saturday, March 27, 2010

CVS Deals - 3/25

This week the coupon machine has been spitting out some great coupons. On each visit, I got a coupon for $1 on any CVS Haircare item. On one visit, I got a $4 off of 2 Carefree and $4 off 2 Stayfree. Coupled with the monthly deal, this will let you get both for free. I didn't buy these though, because I didn't have my other coupons with me. I did use the CVS haircare coupon though since I use conditioner in place of shaving cream.

3 - CVS brand Conditioner (tried all three scents)
1 - Cadbury Egg (filler - not pictured, because I ate it!)

-$1 CVS haircare CRT
-$1 CVS haircare CRT
-$1 CVS haircare CRT

Total $.50 OOP.

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Unknown said...

I saw these, but they didn't have CVS on them so I wasn't sure they were a CVS product. I wonder is they work as good as they small.