Friday, March 5, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

What a week. It seemed to be an extra crazy week for me.

I started P90X again this week. It was amazing to me as I started at the beginning to recognize how far I had come. The second amazing thing to me was that I put even more into each workout and I seriously felt it. There is something that is so rewarding about sore muscles the day after a workout. It's like your body telling you that you pushed the limits and gained from the workout.

I was STARVING this week. I recall the same feeling the last time I started P90X. I'm not sure what it is about the first week, but it just makes me feel like I need to eat. I tried my best to eat reasonably, but the reality was, I ate more than I usually do. If the pattern from last time holds true, by next week I should be back to normal with eating.

I missed my regular Weight Watchers meeting this week because I had an outing for work. I went to an alternate meeting though and showed a 2# weight loss. I was very pleased by this number, but have to remind myself that I weighed in later in the week and at a different time of day. At my regular meeting, I weigh in after I have eaten dinner. Somehow, I feel like it is more consistent for me to weigh in after I have eaten what I will eat for the day (although, sometimes I do still have a small snack in the afternoon). I know that a lot of people feel differently, like they are more likely to lose if they weigh in before dinner - but to me, I'm afraid the weigh in could impact my dinner choices poorly - either as a "reward" for doing well or a way to eat away the disappointment of not doing well.

With the added eating this week, I am happy to say that overall, I did have a loss - a small one, but a loss of 0.4#. I now have 13.2# to go to my goal. I am hopeful that as I continue my journey on P90X and Weight Watchers that the results will improve next week and I will see a larger loss. There are only 12 weeks until summer and I want to reach my goal by Memorial Day - so I need to average about 1# per week. Slow and steady wins the race and I think that it will work for me too.