Friday, March 26, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

FRUSTRATION! That is what I am feeling. On one hand, I probably should be happy that I am sustaining, but mostly, I'm just frustrated to be at a plateau. I haven't made any progress in weeks, but it probably isn't completely without cause. I have still been exercising each morning, but that isn't enough. I have been eating out, having catered lunches, hanging out with friends, celebrating birthdays and more over the past few weeks. As a result, I have eaten foods that are less than the best for me. I have had my fair share of desserts - cookies, brownies, cakes, fruit and more. I have had beverages - soda, wine and chocolate milk. I have had steaks - yummy filets - and baked potatoes with sour cream. I certainly have not been eating and tracking like I should if I am serious about weight loss. I must get back on track. There are only 8 or 9 weeks until summer and I would like to lose this remaining 13+ pounds that I need to to reach my goal. I have a wedding to go to the first weekend of June and I really want to be at my goal.

I am glad though that through this unusual eating, I have maintained. That tells me that long term, I should be able to maintain what I have managed to lose. I just need to stay active.

I actually recorded a weight loss this week at Weight Watchers, but probably that was just due to where I was in the cycle of events - last week, I had just gone out and this week, it had been a few days.

I need to refocus myself. I have weight to lose and I am serious about it. I'd like to start walking at lunch again to give myself an added boost in exercise.

How is journe going?