Friday, March 12, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

Well, from a weight loss perspective, it pretty much was a flat week for me.

I tried to do week 2 of P90X this week, but some unexpected physical reaction paused my workout. A few doctor's visits and tests and I was back ready to exercise and resumed my workouts on Thursday morning. With the turn in weather, I was able to walk at lunch two days this week - that definitely helped, since I had missed some of my other workouts. I am ready for warm weather and weekday lunchtime walks.

Then this morning, I took a Mommy break from my normal workout routine. My little girl woke up just as I was getting ready to workout. I heard her calling out for Mommy, so I headed back upstairs to see her. When I picked her up, she said she wanted to read me a book. Who could say no to a 3 year old that wants to read a book at 5:30 am? We took a seat in her rocking chair. She read me some of Blue's Clues and then had to grab one more book, returning instead with a stack of books. Next was Lady and the Tramp, the Golden Book edition, where on the last page you see one of the pups pulling at the clothes of the baby - she opened to that page first and told me "doggies shouldn't take off baby's clothes". She read a few more stories to me and then sent me off to locate Dolly, who had evidently wandered off. While downstairs, I put away my workout stuff and grabbed Dolly to go back upstairs. When I got there, she had set up Circle Time on her bedroom floor with some other babies and was explaining that she was pretending that her friends from school were there and that she was the teacher. I love the imagination of children. So, needless to say, no exercise today, but a wonderfully enjoyable morning.

At the Weight Watcher's weigh in back on Monday, predictably, my weight was up. Not only had I been ravenous last week with the first week back on P90X, but I had also weighed in last week in the morning and I normally weigh in after dinner - so there was a two meal difference between the two weeks. In addition, having been to a birthday party and out to breakfast over the weekend, I might not have had the best weekend, using most of my weekly Points over the weekend - sure to be a challenge with a Monday night weigh-in.

I still have 13.4# to go. Here's hoping for a better (& healthier) week next week.