Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Glimpse of Spring

Finally, the weather has broken here. It has been warm and the sun has been shining. Of course, warm is a relative term, but compared to the weeks of cold and snow that we have been having, even the mid-40s feel like spring. I know that it is still early March and will not allow myself to be lulled into believing that winter is over yet, but certainly there is something very energizing about the weather and the promise of spring that is in the air.

It is nice to allow the kids to go outside and play for a while in the evening and not worry about hats, gloves and boots. (of course, yesterday we had swimming after work, so that didn't happen.) It is amazing though to see the number of kids that are outside without coats and even a few in shorts! In the fall, when it hits the 40s, everyone is bundled up. My what a difference timing can make on the perception of temperature.

It is nice to finally see roads and yards. There are still piles of snow that are not melting, but they are getting there. Don't get me wrong, I love snow - when it's fresh and new, pretty and white. By the time it has been salted and plowed, it usually winds up with a lot of black sludge in it which is just so unappealing.

It is nice not to worry that I will ruin another pair of pants or shoes because they are attacked by the ever present salt and slush of the recent weeks. I have one pair of pants that have a really great white line about 1/2" up from the bottom (anyone have cleaning secret - treating with a standard laundry spray and washing didn't do it?).

I am a little worried to see sprouts of spring flowers. I know that winter isn't over and that some of the tender ones might not make it to bloom as a result. But, on the flip side, seeing the little sprouts is like another promise that spring is coming soon.

I for one am ready for spring when it finally arrives to stay, but in the meantime, this glimpse of spring works for me!

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