Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Changing Beds

There is something that I really just love about climbing into a freshly made bed. The sheets are so cool and crisp, it is wonderful. A freshly made bed, with linens that were hung on the line to dry is even better than just a freshly made bed. That is something that I can experience when I visit my parent's house, but we don't have a clothes line outside to dry our clothes.

How often do you change your bed linens? A survey on suggests that most people do their sheets either weekly (32%) or every other week (30%). I would love to say that I always change my bed linens weekly, but life happens and it simply doesn't always happen that way.

One thing that I have found that is really helpful in keeping up with changing my linens is to have multiple sets of sheets and mattress pads available for all the beds. This allows me to strip all of the beds on Saturday morning and remake them immediately. Then, the sheets can be washed on my schedule - I don't have to become a slave to my laundry. If I have the time and am around the house, I do all of the sheets on Saturday and Sunday. If not, then I simply fit them in my everyday/every other day load of laundry cycle.

Having extra sets of sheets and mattress pads comes in handy too when the kids have accidents or someone in the house is ill. Of course, for some reason, my kids seem to have accidents on the same night - is it that they are both overtired and neither gets up or is there some sort of other physiological reason for that?

Having extra bed linens allows me to keep up on my sheets without disruption to life. This post shared at Works for Me Wednesday.


Innkeeper Seely said...

Having duplicates is the only way to survive. Maybe when one kid has an accident the duplicate kid should be taken to the bathroom even if he/she is sleeping.

Kelly said...

One trick I've read about (and do with the crib) is to double layer your bed when you make it. So, waterproof mattress pad, sheet, pad, sheet...then in the middle of the night you just pull a layer off and put the kids back to bed right may want to give it a try if you've got extras anyway!