Friday, October 8, 2010

Target Deals - 10/7

My daughter's room at daycare is doing an apple theme next week and I signed up to bring in a pack of applesauce cups. So, after my meeting on Thursday night, I stopped by Target to pick up their Mott's deal. I did the deal last year and it really is a great deal.

2 - Mott's Apple Juice
3 - Mott's Natural Apple Sauce (the no sugar added variety)

Total $8.51 OOP, received a $5 Target gift card. In the end, I effectively paid $.67 each for the apple sauce and $.75 each for the apple juice. I think those are great prices. I might actually head back on Saturday and do the deal one more time. I thought about picking up 10 items on Thursday when I stopped, but for whatever reason, I walked right by the carts and carrying 2 bottles of apple juice and 3 packages of apple sauce was almost too much for me, so getting double that would not have worked.

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