Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weight Watchers Lose For Good Meetups

Right now, Weight Watchers is in the midst of their Lose for Good campaign. Last month, was Losa-A-Palooza, a one day event where they made donations based on the number of social media mentions that were made. In addition to this one day event, they also will be making a donation based on the weight lost by members during the campaign period. In fact, for every 1 million pounds lost during campaign period, Weight Watchers will donate $225,000, up to $900,000. Donations will be made 70% to Action Against Hunger. The Lose for Good campaign runs through October 23rd, so there is still time to join and make a difference.

Also as part of the 2010 Lose for Good campaign, Weight Watchers is encouraging members and subscribers to participate in and/or organize canned food drives. I know that last year, members were encouraged to donate canned goods and other non-perishable products through their local meetings as well.

From their Meetup site:
    "As part of the 2010 Lose For Good® campaign, Weight Watchers® members & online subscribers are encouraged to collect nutritious canned food and construct food “Success Walls” to represent the weight they lost with our program. Donating this food can make a difference locally, which is why we've set up 5 official Weight Watchers Donation Day Meetups on 10/23. If no Meetups are planned in your area, find a local food drive & click the button above to start your own any time during the campaign."

Interested in attending a Meetup or initiating one of your own? You can find out more about the events here.

No compensation was received for this post. I am an Advocate for Weight Watchers and am helping to raise awareness for their Lose for Good Campaign. I have received some product that I will be offering as giveaways on the blog.