Thursday, October 7, 2010

WaterPik SinuSense

I recently was given the opportunity to check out the WaterPik SinuSense line of products. I was very familiar with WaterPik as an oral health brand, but had not known that they also had a sinus health brand. You can learn more about Sinus Wash and its benefits on their Sinus Wash Q&A page.

This is what MomSelect had to say about this new product:
    Well we've recently been introduced to a great new product that provides a deep clean to an area that probably doesn't get as much attention as it deserves- your nose! Just as hand-washing is an important everyday routine, Ear Nose and Throat specialists (ENT) recommend a sinus wash for every day. In fact, 4 out of 5 ENTs have provided sinus wash samples to clients and 1 in 4 personally use it.

    That's why we're happy to introduce you to SinuSense™ from Waterpik®. Putting water to work in a whole new way, Waterpik® is bringing a "breath of fresh air" to the sinus wash category with a completely new line of sinus wash products called SinuSense™. The Waterpik SinuSense™ line provides an offering for everyone, even kids, depending on their specific symptoms and needs. Just like washing your hands and brushing your teeth, sinus wash becomes part of your daily routine!

    Even better, all SinuSense™ products are BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe and safe for everyday use, even for children ages 4 and up. Now everyone in your family can breathe easier- and cleaner!

Outside of colds, I don't generally have sinus issues, so I have little experience with irrigation, Neti Bottles, Neti Pots and the like. Actually, I have no experience, outside of knowing about them through my husband. He seems to regularly have sinus issues and has been using a squeeze style sinus wash product on a regular basis for a while now. So, I decided that it would be best to let him use the WaterPik SinuSense products and provide feedback. (Although, from what MomSelect shared, it sounds like maybe I should be more familiar with these products myself.)

Here is what he had to say:

"I have used the WaterPik SinuSense Neti bottle for about a week now. Comparing the neti bottle to the squeeze bottle I currently use, I prefer the neti bottle because:
1. There is no pressure – gravity does all the work.
2. It feels better – no water is being forced into my sinuses.

The squeeze bottle is still great when I am in a rush (or when I don’t have time to let gravity work its magic).

The WaterPik Neti bottle does not appear to be much different from other neti bottles / neti pots on the market.

If the neti bottle and salt mixture packets were available at a very reasonable price, I would tend to use the WaterPik SinuSense neti bottle more than my current squeeze bottle."

No compensation was received for this post. The WaterPik SinuSense product was received through MomSelect.


Erica said...

I'm glad you posted this review. I currently use just the plain Sinus Rinse bottle freebie from a few months ago. I saw this product on Dr. Oz and wondered if it were better than the plain version.