Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cheap Ground Steak from Omaha Steak

UPDATE: This is a dead deal according to what I am reading on other blogs.

A while back, we had the opportunity to try some Omaha Steaks. I believe we had fillets. They were delicious, so when I started seeing some deals pop up on other sites about getting cheap Omaha Steaks, I was interested.

The first I saw was here at Common Sense with Money. The deal that Mercedes posted was interesting, but I didn't need the cutlery set, so I didn't rush to sign up. I am glad I did not.

The next day, I came across a deal here at Money Saving Mom. This time, the offer included 12 free 4 oz Ground Steak Burgers with your order. I decided this was worth exploring.

I started out going to Geico Privileges here and creating a username. This generated an e-mail with a link to a $25. gift card. You don't have to have Geico Insurance, you don't have to request a quote or provide any insurance related information...all you do is create a username and password.

Then, I went here and signed up for Share Omaha Steaks. I received an e-mail from this with a link to place an order. This is the link you need to use for the 12 free 4 oz Ground Steak Burgers. If you order through Geico Privileges, it is a different deal.

Once I had both e-mails, I opened the e-mail from Geico and clicked on the link to get the $25 gift card code. Then, I opened the e-mail from Omaha Steaks and clicked on the start shopping link. I selected, under Burgers/Brats/Franks, 8 (5oz) Omaha Steak Burgers. I proceeded to Check out and entered the gift card code (after you enter your bill to/ship to info). Then, I charged $1.98 for 5.5# of Steak Burgers (36 cents/pound).

The confirmation e-mail indicated that I will receive my steak burgers on Friday.

I have known about Omaha Steaks for years and like I said, tried them once. While exploring their website, I learned that beef is grain fed and that they actually even have retail outlets in addition to their mail-order/Internet business. They have an Unconditional Guarantee on their products. In addition to beef, they also sell pork chops, seafood, poultry, lamb, and even appetizers and desserts.