Monday, October 13, 2008

Rite Aid Deals 10/12

I made a trip to Rite Aid on Sunday to take advantage of many of the free after rebate deals.

I got the following:

1 8.3 oz Theraflu Warming Cough and Cold
1 18-ct Triaminic Children's Chewable Cough and Cold
1 0.5 oz 4-way Nasal Spray
1 2pk Soft Lips Raspberry
1 .3oz Lyypmoisturizer Honey Berry
2 6ct Throat Cooler
1 1.5oz Simply Saline Baby
1 4oz Childrens Advil Liquid

All the items I bought are part of this week's free after SCR deals. I also used the coupons that I listed here. My OOP was $19.93 and I will submit for a $26.92 SCR. So, after rebate, they will pay me $7 to bring this all home.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the Chapstick Shimmer item in stock. I'll probably check another store this week and see if I can find it.

They did however, finally have in the Shout that I had a raincheck for from August. They only had one Shout, but what were willing to substitute a comparable item for the second Shout. I am going to fax in the information for the SCR, as I was told I could do. We'll see how that works out.


Unknown said...

I love your posts. You get the best deals. I'm going to look into it a little further in my area. I will be watching for your next great shopping trip. FYI Its no comparison to the deals you are getting but if you shop online you might be interested in bigcrumbs its a free site that lets you earn cash back for every purchase its NOT a credit card offer or anything like that. You can be in network of you like it.

Unknown said...

You can be in my network aka friends list if you like it. sorry I cant spell.