Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Doubles at Kmart

It looks like it has come to my area. In my mailbox yesterday, amidst my other fliers, was one for Kmart advertising their Super Double coupons. I still need to confirm if this is all stores in my area or only at the Super Kmart.

The way I understand it, your coupons, up to $2 will be doubled (that would be $4 off!!), you can use up to 4 of the same coupon, 1 coupon per item and 75 coupons per day. I'm not currently a Kmart shopper, but this deal will pull me into the store to help me maximize my $$. Internet coupons (and, duh! copies of manufacturers coupons) are not accepted.

The offer runs from October 1 - October 5, so you can shop this week's ad and next week's ad as well.

You can see some free and nearly free deals after coupon over at this post at Common Sense with Money.