Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CVS Deals - 10/20

On Monday, I headed to CVS after we returned from the waterpark, hoping to take advantage of some of the two day free after ECB deals. Of course, they were out of the pumpkin pails and also out of the GUM toothbrushes. The mananger offered to substitute a twinpack of Colgate toothbrushes and just ring them up as free, so I agreed. He also told me that normally they have cases of pumpkin pails left at the end of the season and that on Sunday they went through all of their supply - cases and cases as he described it.

Anyways, here is what I got.

2 - Halloween Cards (not shown)
2 - 10oz Brach's Candy Corn
2 - 6" Light Sticks
3 - VO5 Shampoo/Conditioners
1 - 32oz Powerade
1 - 20ct Excedrin Migraine

- $0.75 GUM coupon
- $1.00 CVS $1/3 VO5 coupon
- $1.00 CVS Colgate TB coupon
- $3.00 CVS Excederin coupon (reduced down to sale price of $1.99)

Total after coupons: $6.93, paid with ECBs and $0.07 on a Gift Card (from a prescription I filled).

Earned $2.58, $1.69 and $1.98 ECBs.
Net cost, $0.68 (ECBs spent vs ECBs earned).

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Rachel said...

DO you find the ECB items in stock at your store week after week?

BusyMom said...

Rachel -

For the most part. This week I didn't find the toothbrushes at the store where I live. I do have two oters that I pass on my way to work, so I tend to fluctuate which store I shop at. They are good about rain checks.