Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rite Aid Deals - 10/14

I headed to a different Rite Aid location in search of some items that my store had been out of. I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I made my purchase because I put everything on one receipt and I had two items with manufacturer mail in rebate. Of course, I could go back and have them re-ring it, but that feels like more effort and time than the $2 it would gain me. So, I will only be submitting one MIR - Sucrets or Chapstick Shimmer - I don't suppose there is an advantage of one over the other.

Here is what I got:
22 oz Brach's Candy Corn (I love candy corn, has to be Brach's - it's made with honey which improves the flavor and texture compared to the other brands)
Chapstick True Shimmer Tropical
18 ct Sucrets Herbal Berry
21 ct Bee MD Honey Cough Drops.

I spent $9.93 and my SCR from this purchase is worth 7.47. Then, I will do the MIR for $2 and my effective cost will be $0.46. Not bad for a bag of candy, some Chapstick and cough relief.

You can see my first visit this week to take advantage of the multitude of free after rebate items here.

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