Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I wasn't really sure if I planned to go out for Black Friday or not, but there were some gifts that I felt inclined to pick up. I didn't start my day very early. In fact, the kids let me sleep until 7, which was very welcome.

I took my youngest with me and headed to Toys R Us. I should have known that I was in for it when I had to park in a different lot. I was wise enough to snag a cart in the parking lot and take it in with me, since they were sparse inside. I was able to get quite a few gifts for the kids (nearly done) and take advantage of some coupons that I had gotten in the mail - one for $5/$25 and one for $10/$100. In addition, I had received a $100 gift card for opening a new account at a local bank. I applied that to my purchase and did really well, only $67 OOP. Part of that was a box of diapers (100ct) I got for only $10! I will also be returning an item I got cheaper later. The biggest draw back was the 1 1/2 hours in line, with a 2 year old, who was very well behaved for sitting in a cart that long.

I stopped at Michael's to pick up some chocolates for my Christmas baking. They had a great sale and when coupled with a 25% off coupon, I got 4 bags of Wilton Chocolate discs for under $4 - now that is a deal.

Then, because my mom had asked me to swap some items for larger sizes at the Children's Place, I headed to the mall. It was clear that parking was sparse, even the far out spaces were full. I happened upon a woman just getting in her car to leave and got a parking space in short order. I headed in to Children's Place, arriving at 10:57 - just moments before their roll in early take an additional 20% off your purchase was about to end. I got a "tag" that would allow me to get the discount at check out, even though it would be after the sale ended at 11. Turns out, I couldn't exchange my mom's gifts for the next size (supposed to check the outlet), but I got some great deals. They have already clearanced their Christmas outfits, and had them with an additional 30% off marked price. So, I got a skirt, shirt, sweater and patent leather shoes for my daughter and a pair of slacks, shirt and cardigan for my son, as well as a winter coat for next year for my daughter. At check out, I asked, can I use my 15% off coupon with the sale - they said YES! I was psyched. I got all of the above, plus 6 pairs of socks for about $80. And...I will get a Place Perks reward to boot - $10 off of $10. I clearly was meant to stop there today.

I made a mistake in stopping at JoAnn's for some fabric. When I saw that there was a line to get fabric cut (the number I drew was 30 away from what they were calling), I debated leaving. When I saw how far the check out line wrapped, I decided that the $7 I might save was probably not worth the headache. So, I hit the road, having lost about 30 minutes.

Next stop was Target, one gift and some household supplies before heading home.

Of course, as I was going back through the ads, I discovered that one of the items I purchased at Toys R Us, was $15 cheaper (only a $25 toy) at Radio Shack. After a call to confirm availability, I headed there to purchase. So, now tomorrow, I will be back to Toys R Us to return the item and save my money.

How about you? Did you get any great deals?

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