Monday, November 17, 2008

Money Saving Milestone...

So, as I was logging my CVS receipt in my spreadsheet (yes, I am a geek), I noticed that I passed a milestone. I have now saved over $1000 at CVS since I started shopping there and using the ECB program back in June. Not bad, over $1000 saved in just over 5 mos.

How much did you have to spend though to save $1000, you ask. Well, my out of pocket since June is just $54.54 and I have sent in and received $10.49 in rebates and $2.25 of my OOP was from a free $25 GC I got with filling a prescription. So, essentially, I have spent $41.80 and still have $22.75 available on the free gift card.

Saving money is so much fun!