Sunday, November 30, 2008

K-mart Super Doubles

The K-mart in my area is participating in the Super Double coupons deal this week. I have a number of high value coupons, some that expire today, so I think I might try to make it over to K-mart to take advantage of some deals. I am somewhat limited since my store only has a pantry and not a full grocery, but I am hoping to take advantage of some of these deals. You can review the KMart Super Doubles Price Book at Hot Coupon World for some other coupon matches.

Nestle Morsels 3/$7.
-$1 instantly with 3.
-$1/3 mfg coupon
-$1 doubled coupon

3/$5 for Nestle Morsels

French's French Fried Onions $1.99
-$.75 Mfg coupon
-$.75 doubled coupon

$.49 each (I have 2 coupons)

Cascade Powder $4.29

-$1 Mfg coupon
-$1 doubled coupon


I also have the following coupons (some expiring), I hope to use:

$.40/2 Hunt's tomato products
$1/2 Sunmaid Raisins
$1 Fisher Baking Product
$1/2 Christmas "mini" candy bags